Under-Construction 20 Something

Lately, I’ve been feeling like I’m not complete in some areas and have begun to get overwhelmed with my ideas. This has made question myself and stopped me from going forward. However I think this is my last time before I build a successful career of my own I will allow self-doubt and depression to creep in.

The years of our 20’s are meant for creativity to spark and ignite a passion like never before. I know that I am overjoyed when I see any of my peers take initiative in their creative space or environment, that I so badly want to do the same. I want to live a shameless life, where I myself am not embarrassed ashamed or even a bit hesitant to do or say certain things in my life. So I’ve decided to put myself up to a challenge.

Though I am currently taking 18 hours worth of classes and work 15 hour weeks, I know I can do more to promote my ideas and interests on this blog. The admiration I have for entertainment and entertainers should be shared in the way I want to. Every single time I find myself amazed and inspired by what entertainers do and how they accomplish things because they were inspired by others, warms my heart with tenacity to continue on.

I am a lover of music, spoken word, movies, fashion, digital media, social media and all things positive in entertainment.

Now as a journalism major, it is my responsibility to tie-in my skills with my profession so don’t mind if I do. My school of journalism has taught me that their are several different vehicles one can use to transmit a message, whether it be through social media, digital and interactive media, news or television, messages are moving and important.

Entertainment has provided several underrated messages to be publicized on its platform. Without entertainment we wouldn’t be able to have the informative dialogue we do today whether it be just about fun entertainment or actual serious news.

If it wasn’t for entertainment I wouldn’t know the best MC’s that talked about real issues faced in the Black Community or how to solve them. If it wasn’t for entertainment I wouldn’t know how to deal with life’s issues when I entered my ’20 something years’. Entertainment has been there for me since I was a child playing with my keyboard and listening to my first beat. I know the importance of each entertainers role in society and I appreciate them and hope to one day collaborate with them. Scratch that I will collaborate with them, however I can.

Lastly, it has been revealed to me so many times that I am going to do something great and that I should choose to excel in everything I do. So that is what I’m going to do from this moment forward. No longer letting myself get overwhelmed or consumed by work that I don’t think is interesting. I’ll make the work interesting because getting a degree is as interesting and amazing as it gets at my age!

I intend to begin my journey of positively shameless self-promotion starting November 1st, 2017. So get ready for me I am no longer under-construction!


SMO. xoxo


New Year, New Me!

Sorry guys, I didn’t get to live up to my promise of keeping you guys updated on sports and such because as the year progressed and the semester ended, several things left me tired and exhausted. I just literally had no motive to blog or post anything, which means it’s time for a change!

I have decided that I’m no longer going to do my sports column just because let’s face it I’m just not as into it as I thought I’d be. I encourage those who are interested to look on NFL, Sportscenter, ESPN and ESPN2 for better coverage of your sport teams. However, there may be an occasional hoot and toot for different teams I’ve taken interest in the past years or so just because I feel like it, just no serious updates.

I’ve kept music and fashion on there just because it’s been what’s keeping me going these days whenever  I need a quick pick me up. But I also haven’t figured out how to keep a thread on those pages so just expect something new every once in awhile.

And lastly, HELLO 2017!!! I won’t say new year because technically it’s not a new year for me until my next birthday, but I welcome new experiences, better life choices, and positive impacts!

Stay tuned!



SMO. xoxo

My Prolonged Summer In a Nutshell…

As we near the end of fall and approach the beginning of winter, I thought it would be best if we just took it on back to the summer!

The beginning of this school year has blown by so fast that I forgot to tell you about my summer and all the many things that happened! There were several things that made the summer great and couple things that made me stop and think. I’d like to take you on a journey through my summer break and enlighten you on how it shaped me to who I am today.



So first things first, the beginning of the summer was great! I came home from school finished up my last exam and began to prepare for one of the most, important, trips EVER!  My oldest sister Sessalli was graduating from college at a prestigious and cool university in Philly! Now I’ve gone to several graduations in my life, some high school, some college, but I have never gone on a plane ride with most of my family heading to one place. I absolutely LOVE family trips because you get to joke around and act silly with the ones you love and don’t care about whose watching you or what you have to do to get where you’re going. You are just simply there to enjoy the ride and I loved it! My oldest sister to me, is really outgoing and a great person to travel with. She took us to this nice French bistro that had wonderful fresh bread slices and butter as there starters. The food was amazing as well and I wish I had gotten a pic of my food but you know, whenever I’m in either an Italian or French restaurant the food on my plate just magically disappears with the quickness. I’m lucky to get one shot of it, lol. Now being a Southern Texas girl you know I had to see what the hype was about these famous Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches. Turns out the one I had wasn’t the best one out here because it was from the hotel restaurant, but I give it a B+ for effort! I just don’t think anything can compete with Whataburger on any level! The trip was only 4 days but I loved the scenery in Philly I think I’ll come back again one day just for fun!


Next up one of the most important days of the year happened this summer! It was my twin sister I’s 20th Birthday! We can now say we are 20 somethings! This was our last birthday month we shared as fresh youngins’ and it is a little bittersweet! I swear all the calls and texts I got from family was all about us entering the stages of paying bills and such…I am not excited about that at all. I think my sister and I fully took advantage of keeping what’s important in front of us for this year and that is to us: family, faith, fun, food and fitness. I think I have my 5 F’s in order of importance this time because the one in front of the other can survive without the one behind it. We had some of our most important people there to celebrate and it was a treasured night indeed. I have this picture up to show one of my favorite gifts I received that night and it was from my boyfriend! He and I have been speaking about getting a record player for years because we’re really into vintage entertainment stuff, so this was a surprise most definitely that he got it for me. I have a few tricks up my sleeves for his birthday come February, don’t worry!


So as I said the past school year was a little different for me. I transferred from one University to the next and I struggled tremendously to adapt. I think apart of that was because of the head space I was in. I’m not really sure how to put this into words so I’ll just say a lot of things played into my shortcomings that school year, but I completed it without losing the fight. I came out of that school year ready to clear my head of all negativity and focus on my happiness and my goals. A lot of things were about to happen for me that I didn’t even know and I needed to be mentally ready for them, big or small. And I was! I had my second internship at AT&T Headquarters in Downtown Dallas where I got to work on a great project under the team I was assigned to. I also decided to take some classes this summer, two to be exact and try to get back on top of things with school. While doing all of that because that was a lot, I had some family issues that I still to this day haven’t been able to resolve. However, by the end of the summer I rejuvenated myself completely. I took note of all the power I gave to the negativity in my life and diminished it. I regained strength in myself and anything I put my name on. I made sure I was able to back everything up and stand on my two feet and because of that I rewarded myself this gift because it was something I had been wanting since I was a little girl. So this picture is a token of self-love. I do somewhat regret how much I spent on it however, I think I’m worth that and more.


And last but certainly not least, this is a picture of an event I had the opportunity to volunteer for. As apart of this leadership organization I’m a member of we constantly give back to parts of our community that are in need. This summer Dallas, TX had a turn of unfortunate events happen downtown just miles shy of another memorial service. It opened re-opened wounds for some people and touched others who were oblivious or naive to the issues our country faces on a daily basis. I for one am someone who believes in justice for all and the nation that we aspire to be. This picture is a picture of unity within a community that’s not just a color, black or white, but a community of people, human beings. If you could have been there you could feel the love inside the American Airlines Arena and see everyone striving for the same goal, to spread love to one another. I will continue to fight for that feeling that I felt during my time there because that is what our country needs. I love my city and country and everyone it! Xo

Well thank you for catching up with me I promise you updates will come sooner than you know especially with the holidays coming up!


The Message Within Kendrick Lamar’s “The Blacker The Berry”

As the beat crescendos in with the echoes of intensifying background vocals, the world gains insight into an aura of frustration held among several African Americans.

Kendrick Lamar, a 27-year old hip hop rapper from Compton, California, has a message to be heard. Lamar recently dropped his well anticipated sophomore album “To Pimp A Butterfly” late this March. This album has cultivated Lamar’s message in ways he hoped would bring his listeners together.

In an interview with Terrance Martin from Billboard Magazine he talked about how he enjoys the task of creating each of his albums because he’s able to implement his personal views and thoughts on every track.

“It’s so much of a spiritual process in making the album,” said Lamar, “I have to really feel connected to the music and be into what I’m talking about.”

The album includes a track list of songs that convey his thoughts on political and controversial topics in society today. The track in particular that stood out the most to his fans and the media was, “The Blacker The Berry”, which conveys a powerful message regarding the recent riots across that country that initiated the Black Lives Matter movement.

“The Blacker The Berry is a political statement and a tale of internal struggle,” said Martin in the Billboard interview, “Not only does it describe the dissatisfaction of African Americans in society today, but it also covers the Ferguson Riots from 2014.”

In the beginning of the song Lamar said that as a teenager he realized how African Americans are seen in society. The first verse conveyed the negative impact of racism has made on him. He denounced himself as an American in the phrase “I’m African-American, I’m African”, which illustrates how he feels about not being seen as a part of America.

When emphasizing this point again, Lamar listed the stereotypical characteristics given to African Americans from society. Instead of dismissing the stereotypes Lamar claims and embraces them.

He then communicated his thoughts on the assertion that African Americans will ultimately end up in jail and become new slaves. Through his lyrics Kendrick Lamar states how he is the only master of his fate, and that racism is a form of jealously.

The album views several different meanings that have shaped African American culture. Lamar intended on showcasing a history lesson that is not covered on a daily basis within school communities.

“The overall feel of the album is that it talks about something we were not taught in school. To Pimp A Butterfly means something others would not guess. The word pimp has aggression and butterfly represents the brightness of life.”

With that Lamar wants to bring to light the several attempts made to understand and grasp the true meaning and strength carried by the ancestors of the African American community. In this song Lamar emphasizes his passion to teach generations how to rise above the common stereotypes and change the hypocrisy seen every day in their neighborhoods and on the news.

In the last verse Lamar said, “It’s funny how Zulu and Xhosa might go to war, two tribal armies that want to build and destroy…So why did I weep when Trayvon Martin was in the street, when gang banging make me kill a n–a blacker than me, HYPOCRITE!”

It is obvious that Kendrick Lamar is using his platform to create a better world. Thank you Kendrick for everything that you do.