So there’s been a change…

I have decided devote my blog to something I really want to do in life and that is FASHION! Now I’m no fashion designer or anything like that however, I really love everything fashion. I gone through several different lengths in finding what it is I want to do and somehow I’ve stuck with this since like the beginning of my freshmen year in high school. I’m at a point in life where I feel like things need to start happening for me, so I’m gonna make them happen starting now. I don’t necessarily have that many followers or viewers on my blog but I intend on doing so. Life is about taking risk and enduring through the physical and mental strains of life, so I’m going for it! YESS, it felt so good to type that, I already feel like I’m doing something!! πŸ™‚ So starting after this I think I’m going to delete my previous posts (where I’m just rambling & the news stories I typed) then rearrange my blog.


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