Week 7 in the NFL

So I know I said I’d be keeping you guys up-to-date on what’s happening in my sports world and I never came back. Well 4 weeks later I am fresh and ready and I have been brushing up on my trash talk and sports knowledge just to let you know!

Now things have changed for my teams. In the AFC I typically go for two specific divisions: the east and the north. If you take a look here you’ll see that one of my teams ‘The Ravens’ has been bumped down a spot. I’m sure its nothing we can’t come back from and we aren’t getting comfortable being number two in the north. Now the Patriots have kept their spot being THE NUMBER ONE TEAM IN THE AFC EAST! Their home record looks great and that winning percentage woooh is impeccable. If they keep this up they might…no I’m not gonna jinx it.

Now if we go take a look at the NFC we clearly have a problem. Why did the Dallas Cowboys reach number one in the east? Why are we number four! You’re better than this Giants and you and I both know it! Get your heads out of your butts and play the game we know you can play!!! Eagles I need the same from you! Seattle you are THE ONLY one looking good. We gotta get it together man.

If you wanna see some great plays from this past week take a look at the Packers against the Bears. Never will be a cheese-head. Ever. But they put together a nice victory. Check it out here.



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