New Year, New Me!

Sorry guys, I didn’t get to live up to my promise of keeping you guys updated on sports and such because as the year progressed and the semester ended, several things left me tired and exhausted. I just literally had no motive to blog or post anything, which means it’s time for a change!

I have decided that I’m no longer going to do my sports column just because let’s face it I’m just not as into it as I thought I’d be. I encourage those who are interested to look on NFL, Sportscenter, ESPN and ESPN2 for better coverage of your sport teams. However, there may be an occasional hoot and toot for different teams I’ve taken interest in the past years or so just because I feel like it, just no serious updates.

I’ve kept music and fashion on there just because it’s been what’s keeping me going these days whenever  I need a quick pick me up. But I also haven’t figured out how to keep a thread on those pages so just expect something new every once in awhile.

And lastly, HELLO 2017!!! I won’t say new year because technically it’s not a new year for me until my next birthday, but I welcome new experiences, better life choices, and positive impacts!

Stay tuned!



SMO. xoxo


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